Meet the Team: Sales Valuer Jemma tells us how the BBC’s ‘Changing Rooms’ inspired her to work in property!

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Mum to Oscar & wife to Andrew, Jemma is one of Coalters most valued members of staff – pardon the pun! We had a chat with Jemma to find out the ins and outs of her 8 years at Coalters and bit more about life in her shoes…

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So Jemma, tell us a little bit about your job and what it entails?

I haven’t always been a valuer, when I first started I was a sales negotiator but then I progressed to a senior negotiating role and finally I began starting to value houses. As a Local Property Expert, we are the first point of contact, the first impression of Coalters to a lot of people, so we have quite a lot of responsibility! We meet people from all walks of life and backgrounds every day – you could say that we are the most crucial part of the front-end staff at Coalters. If we don’t get properties on the market, our team have nothing to sell, and our clients have nothing to buy!

What would you say is your favourite part of the job?

Definitely helping people to get the job done.  It’s rewarding seeing everything happen from the first meeting with the vendor, to the viewings taking place, the offers coming in, the progression and the new home owners coming to collect the keys! Also knowing that the vendors chose to instruct their property using Coalters as a result of our hard work is really satisfying.

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What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened at work?

I went to do a valuation on a property that had been unoccupied for a while.  The potential vendor showed me around upstairs and soon we both started to itch!  We looked down and we were both covered to to the knees in fleas! We ran out into the street to try to get them off but I had tights on so it was quite tricky.   I didn’t want to take the fleas into my car so I had to go in the back alley to take my tights off! There was a happy ending to the story though – after a full fumigation the property came on the market with us and we sold it.  I was so pleased I’d still managed to make a positive impression despite the flea panic setting in!

Tell us about a really good day at work…

Once I went out to a valuation to meet a lady who was  looking to sell her property, it all went really well and part way through her mum came in. Once we were done her mum mentioned she was walking home, so I gave her a lift home instead, thinking nothing of it. When I arrived back at the office everyone was cheering and clapping – the lady had called the office and expressed her appreciation and thanks for me giving her mum a lift. It really is the little things that can make you feel good – as a team at Coalters we make sure to recognise great customer service and hopefully that shines through to our customers.

You’ve worked in property for  13 years, is property something you’ve always been interested in?

Yes, in a roundabout way! Originally, I was interested in interior design but that wasn’t really an established career path at the time. I just loved watching the BBC programme Changing Rooms and tried to get work experience but struggled as there weren’t many firms that did interior design. Instead I got a job as a painter and decorator and we painted a huge hotel! I then went on to get an NVQ in business and administration, then to selling insurance where the lady from the estate agents next door came and asked me if I’d like to come in for an interview. That’s how I ended up in estate agency!

BBC Changing Rooms Image Copyright BBC

BBC Changing Rooms – Image Copyright BBC Television

If you could pick any super power that would make your job as a Sales Valuer easier – what would it be?

Definitely to fly, I could do twice the amount of appointments in a day!

If you would like a free valuation from Jemma or another member of our valuation team, get in touch on 0800 988 3561 or click here for further details  – we’d love to introduce you to one of our in-house super heroes!

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