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York born and bred, Stuart, our Assistant Branch Manager, come Local Property Expert, is very much a family man. Kept busy by his wife and two young daughters – he still finds the odd time now and then to practice martial arts. A jack of all trades, master of many, as you’ll find out shortly!

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Stuart ‘off duty’ with his daughter

Hi Stuart! Tell us a bit more about how you landed yourself at Coalters?

This is actually quite a good story. I had always been into my photography, so when it came to selling my house, I chose Coalters on the basis of the quality of their photography. Not only did they sell it, but I also bought through them afterwards in Heworth which is the house I still live in.  After getting to know the company and the Managing Director, Reuben, I was in fact offered a job as the Professional Photographer. I enjoyed it, but It didn’t quite feel right. I had been in sales for the past 16 years and that’s where I felt happiest, hence how I ended being the Senior Sales Valuer and up to now, the longest standing team member!

Amazing! You have a cracking track record for winning instructions, what is your secret?

A big part of it is knowing that the Sales Team can deliver the expectations I set on an appointment, every single time. Another thing would definitely have to be honesty – I really enjoy giving genuine advice to such a cross section of people. One thing that I have noticed from working with Coalters for such a long time, is that over time, the people may have changed, the way we do things may have changed, but the values really have stayed the same throughout which is quite an achievement.

York Property Valuer

From a serious moment…

You’re definitely an expert in your field, so what advice would you give to someone who is looking to sell in the New Year?

The main thing would be to make sure your property is presented well. It really needs to stand out as so many properties come to the market in the New Year and you don’t want it to go unnoticed.

Has there been anyone in particular throughout your career that’s really made an impact on where you are now?

Oh gosh, there’s so many people – I don’t think there’s any one person. I think it would have to be all of the people I meet on a day to day basis. The reason I know York so well is because of the stories I hear from talking to residents. You can learn from maps and the internet but the real knowledge is with the people that have lived here forever.

What’s the most unusual day you’ve ever had at work?

Would you believe there are several to choose from?!  At Coalters, we work hard to promote positive core values within the team.  At a recent all team launch I had to mime a Westlife song to convey passion!  Definitely not your standard Wednesday but a lot of fun.  Fortunately, nobody caught it on video!

York property valuation

…to miming to Westlife! That’s Dave on the right by the way.

Okay last question… Imagine you are stuck in a lift for 12 hours with someone from the Coalters Team, who would you choose to be in there with and why?

Dave, definitely. We’ve worked together before and been good friends for about 15 years – we’d have a lot to talk about!

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