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Despite being fairly new, Kat has settled in smoothly as our Receptionist/Administrator in the office – already taking the Coalters award for the ‘most smiley’ team member!

So Kat, tell us a bit more about yourself…

I’m still fairly new here at Coalters, I joined around 2 months ago and work within the Admin team on Reception with my partner in crime Sara. I have lived in York my whole life and recently moved out of my parents’ house. This was a huge adjustment for me, as I’m a bit obsessive with buying clothes and very rarely eat in, so I had to learn how to act more grown up and sensible with my money… this is yet to happen.

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Kat with Father Skadding

And how would you describe yourself in three words?

If I were to describe myself in three words I would probably say talkative, smiley and always laugh a lot…

What do you tend to do day to day around the office?

A ‘normal’ day for me involves preparing everyone’s diaries, sorting keys, answering phones, greeting people who arrive in the office and generally making sure the office is up and running but this can all change depending on how busy it is!  It’s really important for us on reception to always be in a great mood and have a smile on our faces as we are the first people clients will see when they walk into the office, (which apparently isn’t too hard for me as I won the smiliest person in the office award at the Christmas party!)

What have you found to be your favourite thing about working here?

The one main thing that I love about working at Coalters which I’m sure most people will agree with, is the general buzz and atmosphere in the office, you’ll always hear someone laughing or a bell ringing. It’s so easy to get along with everyone, which is especially nice when you are new, as everyone makes an effort to make you feel part of the team.

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We know you’re relatively new, but do you feel like you’ve had any successes so far?

I haven’t been at Coalters long so I don’t have any huge success stories but one thing I’m proud of that’s happened so far, would be when I did my first day of viewings (we all step in on a weekend). On my final viewing of the day the applicant made an offer which was then accepted!

Talking of successes, if you were to win the lottery, what would you spend it on?

OK, so this is super weird but giraffes are my favourite animal. I’ve heard that they are going extinct so if I were to win the lottery tomorrow I would move to Africa and open my own giraffe breeding farm…. I’d be the crazy giraffe lady, living the dream.

And if on your way to Africa, you lost your way and ended up on a desert island, who would you want to be with from the Coalters team and why?

If I were to be stuck on a desert island of course I’d want to be stuck with Sara, firstly because she’s vegetarian so I’m sure she’d be able to make us some food out of the nature but secondly because she gives me plenty of amusement especially when she laughs cause she hisses like a snake which is super hilarious.  

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