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After a job that took him all around the UK, our country boy, Hugh Roberts, has now settled with us in York. We must be doing something right, hey?! 

Hugh! Share with us a little bit about who you are… 

I am a property consultant and trainee manager here at the wonderful Coalters. I live in the stunning North Yorkshire countryside near Masham after moving away from the Channel Islands. The countryside is perfect for walking my three terriers. My partner Hannah lives and works in London, so i can normally be found on the late train to Kings Cross on a Friday, otherwise as soon as it’s the weekend i swap my suit for some wellies and jeans, unless i have an invite to the Coalters karaoke… then i can’t stay away!

Hugh and girlfriend Hannah

Hugh and girlfriend Hannah

If someone were to write a biography about you, what would it be called?

I’d be torn between ‘Memoirs of a Barber boy’ – if I’m not at work I’m probably in the countryside wearing wellies; or.. ‘Knowing me, knowing Hugh’ – I love Alan Partridge!

Following on from that, what does your average day look like?

If we’re going from the very beginning.. I get up, take the dogs (Mackintosh, Montgomery and Edward) for a quick walk in the fields, grab my breakfast: 2 poached eggs on toast, every day. I then make my way through the North Yorkshire countryside to York where the work starts. The usual, morning meetings, checking in with applicants to see how they got on on viewings or to see whether anything has changed, then I tend to head off on viewings. This is my favourite part of the day.

Country walks in North Yorkshire - just missing the Terriers!

Country walks in North Yorkshire – just missing the Terriers!

What has been your favourite success story since you’ve been at Coalters?

It has to be when I registered an applicant on a Friday, got them out viewing on Saturday and they offered on Monday and got the property! She was a lovely lady to, there’s a bottle of fizz waiting for us at the bar she owns for Saturday night – brownie points!

And what really appeals to you about working for Coalters?

There’s a really dynamic team atmosphere here.. I’m also really nosey so looking round houses every day suits me – especially when I can find the perfect house for somebody!

How did you end up at Coalters, what were you doing beforehand?

I started off studying Law in Leeds. Whilst doing that I was working for Crew Clothing to tide me over but once I graduated I was offered the training to become a manager there. From then on I was travelling constantly, from London, to Cambridge, to Harrogate, to Suffolk, to North Allerton.. (you get the picture). I loved it as it was a brand I really identified with and it was right up my street. After my mum forever telling me that I should be an Estate Agent and my interest in property, I stumbled across the vacancy at Coalters – it was too good of an opportunity to miss!

Off topic, but what would you say is the best invention to date?

Cufflinks – I have so many.

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