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With people holding off putting their property on the market until the new year and circumstances changing over the Christmas period; the York property market can get very busy in January. We’ve put together some tips and tricks about how to make your property stand out this year!

Prepare prepare prepare

Get ahead of the game by getting your valuations before the new year if you can. This will mean once you decide which agent you are going to go with, they can get everything ready for your property to go live at the click of a button on boxing day. As well as this, it’s very likely that the agents’ valuers will have a very busy diary in January and may struggle to get out to you within the desired time frame. To get ahead of the game, we would also advise that you get your photos done pre Christmas decorations – this will help your property to look much better on the agent’s website and property portals such as Rightmove.

First impressions are everything

Consider the curb appeal of your property. That is the first thing potential buyers will see, so take a few minutes to stand outside your house and think about how it can be improved. If you need an honest opinion, why not recruit a friend or ask your agent. Have a look at your fence, could it do with a coat of paint? Is it leaning over at all? Are all the plants and shrubs looking tidy or could they do with cutting back? If you haven’t got any plants, consider a few evergreen potted plants around the door to add interest. Does your door need a lick of paint? It’s the little things but it can make the world of difference – especially as viewers can have the tendency to do a drive by before the viewing!

Get good photos

Before it even gets to viewings, people are likely to see your property online first – therefore your photos need to do your property justice. Choose an agent who uses professional photographer with the correct equipment, this shouldn’t be of any extra cost.

Property Photography York

Our photographer Dave doing his thing!

Dress your home

Have a think about what makes a home a home, and implement this. Whether it’s popping a throw over a not so attractive sofa, or setting the table, these little things help viewers to imagine what it is like to live there. For a great example on how to dress a home (even if it’s empty!) check out our property which is now under offer on Upper Newborough Street!

Clean and de-clutter

This sounds so simple, and oh how we wish that everybody could see past clutter and a bit of dirt, but unfortunately it is a common sticking point. What a great time to get ahead of the spring cleaning! If your house is generally clean and tidy, just a quick whip around before viewings should do the job.

Home interiors

Light, spacious and de-cluttered living room

Homely smells

Which smells remind you of home – Fresh linen, Apple and Cinnamon, White Jasmine? A reed diffuser or a plug in air freshener will fit the bill, plus you don’t have the worry of lighting scented candles and leaving them!

Not everyone is an animal lover

We get it – pets are family, but unfortunately not everyone is a fan. If you can get rid of pet smells, hair and if possible, the pets during a viewing, you’ll be sure to keep viewers happy! Take it as a good excuse to take the dog out on a walk.

Light it up

The nights draw in much earlier through the winter, so it is essential that you light your home as best you can. Make sure all the blinds/curtains are drawn if it’s dimming and pop a few lights on. There’s nothing nicer than walking into a warm home, that smells delicious with a few atmospheric lamps on to set the scene! Oh, that’s another thing – pop the heating on! Viewers will have come inside from the bitter January weather and want nothing more than to step into a warm cosy house – top marks from the get go!

We hope these help your property get the attention it deserves this January and if you need any advice on selling your property – please do not hesitate to contact our specialist valuation team on 01904 655222.

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