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‘Comfort and contentment’ the basis of the Danish concept going by the name of ‘Hygge’ (pronounced Hoo-Guh).  You might be surprised to know that the Collins English Dictionary has named Hygge on their ‘Words of the Year’ list along with Brexit and Trumpism!

Gruelling cold winters and little daylight in Denmark gave birth to the lifestyle concept of Hygge.  It encompasses all elements of bringing comfort to people’s lives, such as meeting with family, indulging in some ‘me time’ and revamping the house to create a calm and cosy sanctuary. Hygge has no literal translation; it is a way of life.  

So how can we ‘Hygge’ our UK homes affordably?

Hygge your York Property

Stock up on lots of blankets and knits

Why not try making home made blankets, such as this cosy blanket you can learn to knit with your arms?  If you aren’t super creative, there are loads of great throws on the high street for all colour schemes that won’t break the bank. Go with lots of different knits and patterns for the best effect.

Invest in a few candles

Candles are a really easy and inexpensive way of creating a warm atmosphere. Not only do they create an alternative lighting but the variety of scents give Hygge another dimension. Whether you’re into floral scents, rich earthy scents or a good old madagascan vanilla scent – there’s something for everyone.  Neom Organics do a lovely range of home scents to match your mood

Play around with textures

Don’t be scared of mixing textures. Try rag rugs, chunky knit cushions or cosy cashmere or even a faux fur blanket for a really cosy feel. Layer up to create snug zones around the house. Check out this selection from the Next winter collection

Update your loungewear

Going back to the ‘me time’ – don’t forget to get yourself a little treat. Onesies or a cosy dressing gown are perfect for snuggling up in front of the log burner and getting stuck into a novel. Top it off with some fur lined slippers and you’re set for the winter.

Hygge your York Home - Advice from Coalters Estate Agents

Invite your friends over for dinner

What better representation of Hygge than spending time with friends?  It brings cheer, laughter and positive feelings. The Hygge way of hosting is to be generous and make people feel welcomed.

There you have it – 2016 is the year of Hygge!  It doesn’t have to be a big upheaval of your house just think about what makes you feel cosy and happy – that right there is Hygge. It’s a concept rather than an object or list of rules.  We hope our tips make your winter feel that little bit more Hygge than usual.  And if you’re selling your home currently, we’re sure a touch of Hygge will make those prospective buyers feels even more at home in your property.

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