Forget Hygge, Try Lagom – 2017’s new interior trend!

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Whilst Hygge was perfect through the winter months, Spring is officially here which can only mean one thing… a new trend! We bring you Lagom, straight from Sweden and much easier to pronounce. Whilst we still love the idea of togetherness from Hygge, it’s time to spruce up your house Swedish style. Loosely translated, Lagom means ‘not too little, not too much, just right’ and fits perfectly with the simple Swedish way of life.

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Is your house Lagom?

The idea is that the home is functional, yet not over complicated or cluttered; in comparison to Hygge’s mismatch of textures, colours and cosiness. However, the idea of switching off and getting away from the hustle and bustle remains.

Here are some 6 easy ways to ‘Lagom’ your space:


Ask yourself, do you need the spare chair in the corner? Do you need all the books on the bookshelf that you never intend to read? Do you actually like all of those ornaments? Don’t leave yourself without anything, but have a ruthless sort out! Use the 12 month rule – if you haven’t used it in the last 12 months, scrap it, donate it or sell it.

Natural light

This will help to make the simple decor look extra special. If you have nets covering your windows, get rid of them. The light brings a totally different feel to your home and gives the impression of space.

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Channel the natural light into your home wherever possible


Lagom your life, not just your house… Starting with food. Prep your meals, this allows your day to run smoothly and avoids any stress or impulse buying. This can be translated to your kitchen to. We are all guilty of not clearing out our fridges and cupboards as often as we should – so, go through and check all the best before dates. Oh, and throw away that jar of stuffed olives Jane bought you two Christmas’ ago.

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Organise your life!


When decorating, choose neutral, muted colours. Strip it right back and avoid anything that could be classed as ‘in your face’. Keep your soft furnishings to a minimum, without depriving the room!


Another aspect of Lagom is to be sustainable where possible. This can be done by up-cycling furniture, choosing furniture that is made from sustainable materials (we like bamboo), or investing in electric timers for your appliances! If you want to take things up a notch, look into solar panels. They’re great for the environment, but can also be financially friendly to.

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Modern lounge combining the nature and sustainability elements


Plants that allow you to ‘grow your own’ fit in very well with the Lagom aesthetic! It all stems back to sustainability – why not make a simple start by growing some herbs in a window box.

Let’s get Lagom!

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