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Meet Alexandra Astin – her Dad calls her Gizmo but we usually stick to Alex in the office!


Alex (Gizmo) Astin

Hi Alex!  Tell us a bit about yourself…

I currently live in Heworth with my Dad and his partner Christine, but I’m planning to share a house with my colleague Cailean in the New Year – we sit next to each other at work too so we must like each other!

What’s your role at Coalters?

I’m a Property Consultant, on the Developing Managers Scheme, which provides training to become a manager.

How long have you worked at Coalters?

I started at the end of April 2016, initially as an accompanied viewer, progressing to my current role in July.

How did you end up here (and what were you doing previously)?

Prior to this I was on the Graduate Area Manager Scheme for ALDI.  Before that I was a Resident Assistant Houseparent at Queen Ethelburga’s, a local boarding school.  A very mixed bag but I wouldn’t change it for the world as it’s helped me get to where I am now!

What’s your typical day like?

Where to start? Each day is so different although there are some things we do every day.  Usually we start with a morning meeting which is a great way to check in with each other. At 10am we have call out time, where we ring all our applicants about any exciting new properties we have taken on. After that, we go into our stock review to have a chat about new action plans for properties we are reviewing that day. Generally the days are regularly peppered with lots of bell ringing (for when we’ve done something awesome) and some sing-alongs to the often cheesy music we have on in branch – it’s great fun!!

What is the funniest thing that’s ever happened at work?

I once went on a viewing and accidentally locked the set of keys I had for the property in the house after going in to turn the lights on and open the back door to let some fresh air in. My applicant was due to arrive any minute so I attempted to scale the back wall to get into the yard, enter through the back door and open the front door for the lady viewing. Unfortunately, I got stuck halfway over the wall, had to shimmy back down and eventually ended up approaching the next door neighbour to borrow a set of step ladders, hop over the yard wall and rescue the keys to let the applicant in. I managed it just in the nick of time but the applicant was obviously wondering why I was out of breath!

Which colleague would you want with you in an emergency situation and why?

Jade, definitely. Not only is she a great work colleague but she’s a really close friend.  She always gives the best advice and cheers me up when needed! She’s always up for a chat, or a wine on a Friday after work – a little gem all round!

What’s the best thing about working at Coalters?

The amount of effort the Coalters Support Centre Team put in to looking after us all – the training, promoting our core values and the genuine sincerity they show for our welfare. It’s so different from anywhere else I have worked and I really like that – the company is generous with their rewards for good work too and it’s nice to be recognised!

Cosy and soft winter background

Alex loves candles and cosy throws

Finally, for your, what makes a house a home?

I’m a sucker for candles and cosy throws – I think it’s little touches like that which make a house feel so much more welcoming.  For me this sets it apart from a being just a house.

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