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If you have ever rented a property, the likelihood is that when you move in it’ll be fairly bare, basic and plain to start with. The worst part? You can’t put anything on the walls and you’re a little restricted on changes you can make. We asked our team who have lived in rental properties to recommend what you can do to make your rental property feel more like ‘home’.

1). Tasha: Photos

‘100% photographs. They’re definitely a winner, especially if there is a cork board anywhere in your house or flat. If not, some cute frames around the house will make the place feel more homely. If you’re like me and living away from home it’s quite comforting to have photos of family and friends dotted around. Just be careful if you decide to use Blu Tac on the walls as it leaves marks!’

rental property decor

2). Carol: Soft furnishings

‘It’s all about customising the space you have. The curtains can easily be changed, just pop the old ones back up when you leave. I love adding throws and cushions in the bedroom and lounge to give it a more personal touch.’

3). Ross: Personal space

‘This is probably more for if you are in a house share but I think having personal space and facilities is really important. The first thing I would invest in is my own personal mini fridge… Even if it was just full of beer!’

4). Sarah: Plants

‘It’s just a little thing but I think having plants are a really nice touch. It doesn’t matter if they’re fake or real, they just add a little something to the rooms. I have a couple of different herbs on my windowsill to.’

rental property neighbours

7). Cailean: Getting to know the locals

‘Using local amenities such as the corner shop or local pub can really make a difference. You’ll get to know your neighbours and the area a lot better which will make you feel much more comfortable and part of the community.’

6). Jade: Cleaning

‘This is more of a mindset thing, but actually treating your house like a home. It’s so easy to lose respect for the house as it’s not ‘yours’ as such. I think it’s really important to make sure you’re still doing things like regular cleans and even spring cleans as if it were your own!’

rental property home

7). Charis: Lighting

‘Things like light fittings can easily be changed as long as they go back at the end of the tenancy. I currently rent a property and I’ve bought so many lamps and fairy lights to make it feel nice and cosy!’

8). Alex: A fresh lick of paint

‘This can really depend on your landlord but if they will allow, then a fresh lick of paint will sort things out! Generally they let you as long as it’s a fairly neutral colour but it’s always best double checking.’

So there you have it! A Coalters round up of how to make your rental property feel like home sweet home. For more information on any of our rental properties, give us a call on 01904 655222 – we would love to help. 

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