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Today we’re meeting with Rhiannon Beck, one of our recent recruits to the lettings team!

So Rhiannon, tell us a bit about yourself…

I’m originally from South Wales but ended up relocating to York last year with work (not to forget the stop off’s in Cardiff, Bristol and Liverpool along the way!) I definitely want to stay in York though. When I moved up here, I met my boyfriend Max who I now live with in Heworth. I am very content, apart from the fact I really really want a dog more than anything!

Rhiannon and boyfriend Max

Rhiannon and boyfriend Max

How have you found working at Coalters so far?

I think the team spirit is absolutely fab. Everyone in team lettings (and I’m sure team sales to) supports one another and we honestly treat every success as a team success rather than an individual one.

Come on though, you must have had some little ‘woop woop’ moments of your own?

Yeah I guess so. The other day I had my first ‘OMG’. This is where we identify a valuation opportunity from a landlord who may not have previously considered getting a valuation. It was quite a challenging valuation but that’s what made it rewarding.

What does your day tend to look like?

It’s funny you should ask me today of all days, as it’s changing today! Up to now I have been doing the usual routine of morning meeting, speaking to applicants, training, booking business and then heading out on viewings in the afternoon. However, as of today I am starting to my training and coaching to focus more on the let progression side of things to help applicants get moved in!

I think personality is a big thing at Coalters. If you had to pick any TV or film character that best suits your personality, who would it be?

I’m definitely somewhere between Monica and Phoebe from Friends… Monica because I’m super organised and obsessed with being clean, and Phoebe because well… We’re both a bit weird. In a good way!

You’ve had quite the year, changing location, jobs, the works – what would you say is the biggest lesson you’ve learnt in the past year?

As long as you’re happy and healthy, it’s all good.

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