10 Easy Ways to Add Value to Your Property

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Add Value to Your Home

Some people will tell you that property value is decided by just three things: location, location, and location.

Others will say that it hinges completely on the state of the market.

The truth is somewhere between the two: Location is important, and the market certainly has an influence. But that said, there are ways you can increase the value of your property, no matter where you live, and no matter how the market’s looking.

Here are 10 things you can do to increase the value of your property:

1. Clear out the Clutter

Buyers are looking for neutral, clean, and tidy spaces that they can make their own. If you’re selling your home, you should be presenting viewers with a blank canvas onto which they can project their own ideas. Clutter is distracting, and can put anyone off purchasing.

2. Lighting Is Key

Open those curtains and get brighter lighting. Not only does this show off the potential of your home, it also creates the illusion of space. It’s amazing how much difference a well lit, airy room can make when it comes to impressing a potential buyer.

Add Value to Your Home

3. A Lick of Paint Can Go a Long Way

Make sure you stick to neutral colours – whites and creams not only add to the blank canvas look, they also reduce the amount of work any potential buyers will have to do once they move in. All they have to do is move in their furniture, and if the neutral colours aren’t to their taste, they’re easy to paint over.

4. Prune That Garden

A good garden can add thousands to the value of your property. So if you have a garden, make sure it’s free of weeds and that your grass is freshly cut. And if you haven’t got a garden, even the cheapest of potted plants can make an otherwise drab and poky backyard look significantly more appealing.

5. Keep That Bold Taste to a Minimum

Yes, we’ve seen it all – from a life-sized cardboard cut-out pope to orange shag carpets – but your potential buyer has not. Keep the place neutral, and let them picture their own stuff in there.

6. Create an Excellent First Impression

First impressions really are everything, and when you’re trying to sell your home, your front door is your first impression. Give it a paint, give it a polish, but apart from anything else, keep it clean. After all, it’s the gateway to the rest of your home!

Add Value To Your Home

7. Jazz up Your Bathroom

A good bathroom always tops our requirements when customers are looking for a new home. Bathrooms are expensive to replace, but doing them up costs little. Open a window and give the room a clean. Wall and tile paints are an inexpensive way of revamping that khaki pallet that may have been groovy in 1976, but in 2015 is enough to make even the most hardened property developer’s stomach turn.

8. Add Storage

Whether it’s a cleverly positioned window box, a newly painted garden shed, or a freshly-cleared cupboard under the stairs, a little more storage can go a long way.

9. Knock down Some Walls

Open spaces are still all the rage. If you have a cluster of smaller rooms downstairs, open them up! Create a kitchen diner, or combine your lounge and dining room into a sprawling family room. You’d be surprised how much of a difference it will make when the time comes to make your floorplan and take photographs.

10. Show off Those Original Features

That Victorian fire-surround hasn’t moved in two centuries, so don’t you dare touch it! Give it a light dusting, and maybe take off the wood panelling covering it over, but don’t even think about getting rid of it. The same goes for ceiling roses, original flooring tiles, and parquet flooring. Period features not only add to the value of a property, but also the sort of refined character that sells houses.